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I need nature badly. The city is getting too hectic, and my life in general is hectic.
I'd give a lot for a forest, a lake, anything really.
The only time lately, that I'm even awake early in the morning, is after a night shift on my way back home.
Because of an administrative error in my school, they're signing me up to a new group - so that means I have to start my graphic design studies all over again.
Because somebody messed up, they put me in a group half way to the finish. So I missed a lot of important basic things, and starting over means I graduate next winter instead of this summer. Which means a lot of things get put on hold. Important things. Not in the grand scheme, or the universal scale, but important to me. Going abroad, changing my job, starting a family. Obviously, there's an upside to starting my studies over - and all in all I'm pleased about starting over, having some things repeated is always nice too. And still, it frustrates me. No point changing my job right now, it doesn't really matter what I do if it's not design. No chance of going abroad during school - for obvious reasons. Having kids during school is unwise - again, for obvious reasons.
Management at work is not easy, night shifts are increasingly difficult, and I feel like I'm getting old for this bullcrap. Frustrations everywhere. All the time.
Thankfully, I have my family and friends, and my husband. I have dance and capoeira to keep me healthy and strong. I have my corner, and my little distractions, so maybe not everything is that bad.

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