Pixie M Stardust (lilkitten_red) wrote,
Pixie M Stardust

My journey to love

Working with my tattoo artist pretty much killed whatever little self esteem I had. He kept making comments about the size of my stomach and ass, kept saying how I must have bad genes. Other people followed his lead, and started making jokes about my tendency to get fat, or the way I had to split my lunch into small portions. Nobody cared the receptionist had to have a break for lunch. Everybody made sure I feel ugly and oversized. And I did. And then dance lessons started, and capoeira lessons. And a lot of sweat and hard work. And I truly saw myself. This is my body, the one that deserves all the care and attention in the world. Nobody can bring me down anymore.


  • Спам продолжается

    Уже 4 дня мне высылают одну и ту же смску. Я уже звонила в зоомагазин, там извинились и сказали "это не мы, а другая компания которая для нас это…

  • Стрижки брижки

    За последние сутки я получила одну и ту же смску от соседнего зоомагазина, десять раз. Реклама о том, что вот весна, а с нею блохи и клопы и т.д. И…

  • Four years smoke free

    I am different. Healthier, happier. But sometimes old habits call out to me, and it's a real struggle not to give in. But I don't, and that is…

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