Pixie M Stardust (lilkitten_red) wrote,
Pixie M Stardust

Rape! Rape!

We're sitting at our bar, like every Friday night, having a beer. Everything is awesome, the people, the music. A guy and a girl we know are sitting across from us, making out, both heavily drunk. The've known each other forever, they like each other, both consenting grown ups - no harm. And suddenly I see the guy and the owner yelling and fighting. The guy leaves in a fury.

Turns out, some chick noticed the girl was very drunk. So, she went to the owner, and complained that there's rape going on in the bar, and he should totally do something about it. So the owner went to the guy, and asked him to leave. The word rape was mentioned.

Why do people throw such a harsh word around with such ease? Since when every single drunk woman is a rape victim? This just makes me mad.

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